Davis Receives Multiple Endorsements

“I am proud to have received so many great endorsements from men and women who want to see us get Brookhaven started right.”J. Max Davis

(Brookhaven)— J. Max Davis, candidate for mayor of Brookhaven, on Monday received the endorsements of several elected officials and former Brookhaven candidates.

“These are men and women who want to see Brookhaven started right and care deeply about fiscal responsibility,” said Davis. “These endorsements prove that my positive message and plans to get Brookhaven heading in the right direction are gaining broad support.”

The list includes:

State Senator Fran Millar
State Representative Mike Jacobs
State Representative Edward Lindsey
Former State Senator Jim Tysinger

Brookhaven Council Candidate Hope Bawcom
Brookhaven Council Candidate Alan Cole
Brookhaven Council Candidate Russ Mitchell
Brookhaven Council Candidate Kerry Witt

With one day to go in the election these endorsements provide positive momentum to the Davis campaign to be Brookhaven’s first mayor.

“It has been a long campaign and getting these endorsements help keep the enthusiasm of the campaign up going into the final hours, “ concluded Davis. “With the help of the voters of Brookhaven, we will win tomorrow and get to the important work of getting Brookhaven started right.”